Hi and welcome to The Nutritious Runner...

I'm Livvy, an ASICS FrontRunner and dietetics student with a passion for, you guessed it...running and nutrition!

I started this blog to share my running journey and to hopefully motivate others to chase their goals and learn to believe themselves. 

I stumbled across running almost by mistake...but it came at a time I needed it most. After years of negative self-talk, I lost all confidence in myself and in my abilities. I wanted to sign up for things and achieve things but always had an excuse...I was a "I wish I could BUT..." person.  Whilst living in Hong Kong I decided to sign up to a 10k to keep myself motivated fitness wise. That soon escalated to a half marathon and now my favourite distances to run are marathons and ultras. Running has taught me resilience and strength I never thought I had. We all start running for different reasons, but I’m pretty sure we all keep running for the same reason; a euphoric feeling we can’t get from anything else. Running has given me back ambition, trust in myself and taught me to just go for opportunities!

I hope to keep you updated with race recaps, kit reviews, general running thoughts and nutrition facts I learn along the course of my degree!

Thanks for stopping by...


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