Sunday, 13 January 2019


Before I start this review I just want to be clear that Flipbelt have not paid me and have not asked me to write this. They kindly donated a prize for my charity raffle and also asked if I wanted to give the product a try myself – to which I have done and now want to pass on my thoughts.

SO…what is it? The Flipbelt is a running belt, probably the most simplest of them all…and that’s what I love about it. The simplicity of the design is practical and allows the product to do its job…hold your belongings and not bounce!

Essentially, it is a tubular belt with slits as pockets. Inside I put my keys (which there is a special hook for), my phone, maybe a gel depending on the distance and my favourite part…a water bottle! This was the most exciting aspect for me. When I’m on longer runs, I like to sip on water, but sometimes I don’t want to run with my big hydration pack or with 1 litre of water. Flipbelt sell their own bottles, curved to fit to your body inside the belt. I got the smaller bottle, so 150ml, which is perfect for those middle distances. I was sceptical about how it would stay in the belt or how bad the bounce would be…but this is my honest report to you guys and there is ZERO bounce.

The belt has no buckles, and so you order according to waist size. I went smaller than I thought I might want, and got the Small, but it’s perfect. I can wear it around my waist or hips. If I have more inside it then I tend to stick it around my waist so I know it won’t ride up, but it also sits comfortably on my hips with my phone and keys inside.

I didn’t use it for my ultra as I wore my hydration pack for that because it was a really long endurance event, but I will be turning to Flipbelt for my next marathon. I will be purchasing another bottle and will carry them both with my Tailwind nutrition inside so that I don’t need to run with my vest.

I really appreciate that Flipbelt have kept it simple. No frills are needed! They also come in a variety of colours...check them out here.

It’s a thumbs up from me!


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