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I have personally had a few encounters running when I haven’t felt safe or have felt threatened, and being a natural worrier, quiet paths or dark winter runs can make me feel on edge, which takes away the enjoyment of my run. I now take a few precautions to ‘run safe’ and wanted to share them as I have had a few people message me about their concerns of taking up running because of safety…so I really hope this motivates you and gives you a few ideas to make you feel more at ease!


If you run a particular route regularly, don’t tag that location on Instagram or on Facebook. I am also against sharing regular routes or runs where I start from my home on Strava. I decided a couple of months ago to make my Strava private and only have people I know and trust follow me. Even still I won’t share those runs which start from my house because I just don’t want that information shared.


Are you a creature of habit? I found during the winter months when I was training for London, I would run the same places for the same workouts. So Monday was speed, and you would find me at the same place at the same time doing that workout. I now make sure to switch it up! It can be hard to switch up times, because of work commitments etc but change up your routes on different days. It keeps it fresh and interesting for you too!


Wearing my Rung Angel in yellow

I have met runners who carry a whistle when they run alone…which is a great idea! I now run with my run angel though, which has been a game changer for me! Run Angel is a safety wrist wearable which you can sync to your smartphone and in an emergency, activation of it will sound (extremely loud!) and those you select as ‘guardians’ will receive emergency alerts by SMS and email detailing the time, date, co-ordinates and map-link to your location.  So not only do you send out a sound so you can be heard…your chosen ‘guardians’ will be able to see exactly where you are. I now wear mine for all my runs alone, but even when I trail run with Dom. We are often on isolated paths where there is little phone signal, if one of us were to twist an ankle or take a tumble…I have the comfort of knowing I can sound an alarm to hopefully capture attention and send a signal to a friend of our whereabouts.

I feel pretty strongly about safety, which is why I became a Run Angel ambassador. You can get 15% off one in the colour of your choice via their website with my ambassador code LIV15 and they offer free worldwide delivery. Click here to view the range of colours on offer.


Wearing the AfterShockz Trekz Air in Forrest Green

Sometimes I love just heading outside and listening to what’s going on around me, the wind, the birds singing or the crash of the waves. However, other times there is nothing better than your most motivating playlist or podcast to get you moving and shuffling up those hills! I use to always take out my headphones on the paths where cyclists are abundant, because I had one too many encounters where I was almost wiped out….listening out for traffic is a must when it comes to safety! So consider running silent if this is something that worries you.

There are now a variety of different headphones on offer for different sports, and I have a pair of the AfterShokz Trekz Air. I have been using these for about a month now and am more than impressed. They are an open ear design, so you can still hear ambient noises and are a much safer and smarter option than other headphones to run in. They are wireless and use bone conduction technology, which feels a little different on first try but there is no compromise on sound quality and I love that I can still have my music and run safe. Many races now allow these types on headphones over the traditional ear bud design as they are recognized as safer.


With the some of the Plymouth Harriers at our most recent Fell Race!

Maybe running alone just isn’t for you? And that’s okay! I love to do both, and joined my local club during the winter to feel safe running in our new town at night as I didn’t know the roads or routes very well. Turns out it was one of the best decisions I have made! You meet so many likeminded people and will make supportive, brilliant friends for life!

There are of course other things we can do to keep safe, such as wear high vis and reflective clothing in the dark, let someone know where and when you are going with a rough time of your return and watching out for things around you (I have seen a runner trip over a dogs lead!) I would love to know if anyone else takes other precautions to keep safe? I like to be positive, and don’t think it’s a terrible dangerous world out there at all! I just like to think ahead, run safe and most of all enjoy my run! After all….I do it for the enjoyment!



  1. fantastic tips - I've recently started to run more regularly and the slightly darker evenings have started to put me a little more on edge. Like you say, a lonely pathway can make you feel really nervous and take away from the run - I really like the sound of the run angel! Thanks so much for sharing :-) Debbie

    1. Thank you so much Debbie! The runangel is a brilliant device, now I'm training more on the trails it's my saviour! Hope you are still able to enjoy your running :) Livvy


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