Thursday, 23 August 2018



I know, I know…another running Instagrammer banging on about some foamy, chunky flip-flops. How good can a pair of flip-flops be? After all, they’re just a rubber sandal….you can buy flip-flops for a quid in Primark...what makes these so special?

My thoughts EXACTLY! However, after returning from holiday with bruised and blistered feet from walking 10+ miles a day in my Birkenstocks (I know, my own fault!) I decided to give Oofos a go. It took me forever to decide on a colour, I’m the most indecisive person ever and they have every colour and combination you can think of! I decided to stay subtle and go with black, so I could wear them with most things.

When they came, I was very excited and my feet fell in love instantly. My fiancé, Mum and sister however, all gasped in shock and asked “what the hell are those?!” I made them all try them on, and have been fighting to get them to myself ever since with both my fiancé and mother as they just love them so much.

They are designed and engineered to help recover your feet in ways typical footwear can't. They absorb impact which in turn reduces the stress on your feet, knees and back and they cradle your arches, allowing for natural motion as you walk. They are basically like little clouds for your feet and as you walk it feels like a small hug on each foot. After a long run or race, if I have to walk anywhere these are my go to!

If I have errands to run, or walk to the gym, or to a race, or post-race, or to the beach….you will catch me in my Oofos. I think I need to order a second pair just so I have a choice of colours! I am a bit of a sceptic when I see things being hyped about on social media, but I have to admit the hype for these is real! For me, it was love at first Ooo…


*I have not been paid to write this review. I did receive a complimentary pair of Oofos however did not have to write this post, I purely think they are brilliant and will only rave about something I genuinely believe is worth it!

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