Wednesday, 13 June 2018


I was very excited to give these trainers a try after seeing a lot of hype on social media about them! Especially as they are a ‘stability’ trainer, something I need as an over pronator. I don’t get on with many trainers, and my go to is always Nike Air Zoom Structure as they provide a good amount of support and fit my wide feet! Other brands have been too narrow, or just not felt right running, but my trusty Nikes got me through half marathon and marathon training, a whole marathon and I kept all my toenails and had no blisters (hence why these are my go to!)

My first impression when I received the Sensation 3 by 361° was wow, these are light! They are very lightweight for a stability trainer which is perfect for shorter distances. They are also super, duper bright! I normally go for muted colours on my feet, and choose something that I can wear with any running outfit, but I also tend to wear a lot of black so these brightened up my ensemble! The colours of coral and turquoise are two of my favourites and match my Garmin wonderfully too 😉

Okay, so the fit…probably the most important part! They fit a dream! They are the perfect width for me, and feel great when running. I have now worn them on runs ranging from 3 to 8 miles and have had no toenail or blister issues. The only problem I have encountered is on my longer run I experienced some knee and ankle pain, which could be down to support. I am not sure if they are as supportive as my Nikes, or it could just be that my body was aching that particular day, but I do think I prefer them for shorter distances as opposed to longer runs.



·   Lightweight, good for shorter, speedier distances!
·   Mild stability – so a good option for over pronators, better suited for shorter distances though (in my opinion)
·   Breathable – the outer material is mesh so they are very        breathable and feet don’t get overheated
·   Cushioned – You can feel that this shoe has support and will provide stability as it feels supportive on yet they are also pretty well cushioned and comfy. The tongue is described as ‘pressure free’ and is designed to avoid irritation…which is does! They are comfy to wear and didn't require any 'breaking in'.
·   Bright! – good for runs in the dark or to brighten up an outfit!
·   A good fit for those with wide feet


I wouldn’t really say there are any cons….as the only problem I found was perhaps the fact the stability is ‘mild’ which for anything over 8 miles I probably require a little more support, as I can get ankle/knee pain (probably due to my poor form as opposed to shoes, but a stability shoe does help my form). They also don’t have a huge colour range to choose from, so if you only like muted colours you may not be a fan of what is on offer.


I like them! They are now my go-to for my shorter/speedier training runs. I have taken them on my 2 week holiday and used them for all my runs and also general travel/hiking and have loved wearing them!

*361° sent me these shoes as part of their #beyondexpectations #feethesensation campaign. All my opinions are honest and genuine, I would never recommend a product I didn’t believe was worthy.

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