Sunday, 4 March 2018


3 week update! Sorry for the delay, my mileage has taken a bit of a back seat (compared to what my plan said to do) and I have felt a little frustrated about not being able to run the miles I hoped for, therefore have not wanted to write much about running either! Anyway, my knee is better, the snow has melted, so week 12 is on schedule!

I have divided up the training weeks 9, 10 and 11 below so you can skip to my schedule part if you don't fancy reading my rambles (I don't blame you!)


Perfect 15 mile beach run
Monday: WU 1.5 miles - 5x1k fast with 400m recoveries - CD 1.5 miles STRENGTH
Tuesday: 3 easy miles
Wednesday: WU 1.5 miles - tempo 6 miles - CD 1.5 miles  REST
Thursday: 5 miles tempo 
Friday: Easy 6 miles
Saturday: Long 15 miles
Sunday: Easy 7 miles - 4 miles

This week started with listening to my sports therapist Rachael and following a new strength programme she created for me. Just some really simple exercises I can do at home with my resistance bands to strengthen lots of muscles in the legs and glutes to help my knee. Had to dial back the miles as knew I wanted to complete my weekend long run. Dom taped my knee up before the run (with Rachaels help of a video) and I had the most comfortable long run yet. 15 miles at an average pace of 9.30, I got a new half marathon PB too that day. It was stunning weather and we were in Poole so I got to run along the beach to Bournemouth and Christchurch and back, it was perfect. The recovery miles the next day started off strong too, until I twisted my foot on a step! Had to call Dom to come and pick me up, nothing serious but was just very aware my knee was getting better so didn't want to strain anything else and played it sensible! I had 50 miles on the plan, so 27 was a little frustrating but my successful 15 on the Saturday made up for it and proved rest was needed! 


Monday: WU 1.5 miles - 4X1200M with 400m recoveries - CD 1.5 miles STRENGTH
Tuesday: WU 1 mile - 4 x 1k repeats with 30 sec recoveries - CD 1 mile
Wednesday: WU 1 mile - 6 miles tempo - CD 1 mile
Thursday: Easy 5 miles
Friday: Easy 8 miles - 3 miles fast
Saturday: REST

This jump was really hard after 10 hilly miles!

Knowing I had a tough race ahead of me, I dialed back the mileage (again). This proved to be needed as my body thanked me during the race, finishing in a time I did not think possible! It was a super hilly course, and I said to Dom I hope I can finish it in under 3 hours, but thought ideally under 2.5...I was prepared for the worst! However I managed in in 1:41, and clocked a new mile PB of 7:50 so I was over the moon! Oh and still no knee pain...your plan is working yet again Rachael! I felt so strong at the end of this week and was ready to ramp back up the mileage and get back to my original schedule (with the added in strength work of course!)

My new snazzy medal! That's the actual elevation pictured onto it!


Monday: WU 1.5 miles - 4X1200M with 400m recoveries - CD 1.5 miles STRENGTH
Tuesday: 3 easy snowy miles
Wednesday: WU 1.5 miles - 8 miles tempo - CD 1.5 miles - Yoga and stretch
Thursday: Easy 5 miles - snow day, strength
Friday: Easy 7 miles strength and HIIT
Saturday: Long 16 miles
Sunday: 3 recovery miles

Wrapped up for miles in the snow!

Company on long runs help so much!
As you can plan to pick up the miles did not happen thanks to the Beast from the East. I know I could have completed them on the dreaded treadmill, but my gym membership conveniently expired this week and I am in the process of moving gyms. I had huge cabin fever, and really struggled mentally as felt I was losing my fitness by staying inside. I still got some other workouts in, and managed to get my long run and furthest distance yet completed thanks to a great Uni friend for proving company and motivation! The 16 miles were the hardest I have ever faced, mentally and physically they were very tough...but it's runs like that I will think of during the marathon, knowing that I can push through it! 7 weeks until the big day now, no more weather hiccups or body niggles are going to get in my way!


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