Monday, 12 February 2018


Received my club top...making it official and making me feel pro!

Well here it is...the week I knew would creep up on me eventually. My first set back. 40 miles became 32. It started off so well, with my speed session Monday giving me new 5k and 10k PBs. Did I push too hard? Who knows. Wednesday I had a really tight quad, and instead of running to club night and back, I drove, cutting my usual 9/10 miles down to about 6. It was a fast night at club night too, clocking under 9 minute miles consecutively for quad tightness eased off and I surprisingly managed the pace just fine. I did 6 very slow miles Thursday, and at about mile 4 my right knee started to feel a little weak, it wasn't stopping me from running though or causing too much pain, so I finished the 6 and decided to take the Friday off knowing my long run Saturday was more important. My knee even hurt walking Friday, I almost called off my long run, however I woke up Saturday feeling fine and the knee pain had completely gone. Knowing I had missed some miles, I decided I would do a couple of extra miles on my long run to reach half marathon distance. I did this fine, with a parkrun in the middle, clocking a couple of quick miles but mainly taking it steady. My knee pain did start again, it was on and off and it carried on that evening when walking out for dinner etc. Therefore I took Sunday as a recovery day too, and even today..Monday. I have spoken with my sports therapist, AKA one of my best friends Rachael, who has given me a few leg strengthening exercises to be getting on with, mainly focusing on the hamstrings and adductors. I focus all my strength work on my core and bit of upper body, but completely neglect my legs as they always feel so tired, but that has crept up on me now and is likely to be causing this weakness/niggle so I am going to promise to make this part of my routine! I also think it started because on that Thursday run, I wore some old trainers as it was raining heavily, and their support has now completely gone which I don't think helped the situation! I am only on week 8, and have 10 to go, so I feel confident I can nip this in the bud and be on track again soon!

Lots was adjusted to this past weeks schedule, see below:

Monday: WU 1 mile - 0.25 sprints and recoveries for 4 miles - 1.2 mile fast finish (6.2 miles)
Tuesday: Stretch and foam roll
Wednesday: 2 mile WU - WU 0.7- 6 miles tempo - 2 mile CD  (6.7 miles)
Thursday: Easy 5 miles 6 miles - LS - core
Friday: Easy 6 miles
Saturday: Long 10 miles 13.1 miles - LS/Flex
Sunday: Easy 4 miles  Yoga/Stretch/Strengthen

Long run on Saturday taken pretty steady!

I am going to adjust the next 2 weeks schedule too, as I am supposed to be doing 15 miles this weekend and am racing a 10 miler next weekend, therefore might cut back on a couple of runs to make sure I am strong for these, and will of course be adding in my new leg strengthening routine!
10 weeks until the big day...I already feel so nervous! I hope you all have a successful week, training or not!


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