Monday, 5 February 2018


I know this is very repetitive, but I had another great week of marathon training! It didn't start off too well, as I only achieved half my speed session on the Monday as the rain had me doing it on the dreadmill...which is torture. Especially in my gym where there is no air circulation...I have handed in my notice and am moving gyms at the end of the month haha! However it ended well, I reached another PB of weekly mileage...40.4 miles and my legs actually feel good, so I am so pleased. I had a sports massage on Wednesday that I think helped SO much. I had very tight quads and calves before, and afterwards I felt so springy and ready to run again. I am going to try and have one monthly in the run up to London and keep on top of foam rolling and stretching. The sports therapist also told me some strengthening exercises I can do to prevent injury, which is my biggest fear so I'm going to start to make a real effort with that. Here is my schedule from this past week:

Monday: 1 mile WU - 3 miles of 600m sprints and 400m recoveries - 0.7 mile CD (4.75 miles) Upper body strength session
Tuesday: Gentle yoga and core
Wednesday: 2.1 miles WU - 5.2 miles tempo - 2.2 miles CD ( 9.6 miles)
Thursday: Easy 5 miles - LS/Flex
Friday: Easy 4 trail miles - LS
Saturday: Long 11.75 miles - LS/Flex
Sunday: Easy 5.3 miles - LS

Out trail running with Dom!
I had lots of company again this week, with club runs and uni friends joining me. Sunday I attended a new Plymouth Brunch Run event, which was fab and Saturday I broke up my long run into 3 segments with a Parkrun sandwich, this really helps break the distance up in your mind!

Brunch Run Crew

I have been super hungry this week, wanting to eat anything and everything! I am currently reading a book about training food by a performance specialist Dietitian, Renee McGregor and plan on making some sensible snacks and meals from her book this week. It's not only important to make sure you are eating enough, but enough of the right things to maximize performance and recovery. I will let you know how it goes!

I am off out for another speed session now, but NOT on the is dry outside so YAY!


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