Sunday, 28 January 2018


I knew this week was going to be a challenging one. It was the start of speed sessions, tempo runs and a big jump in mileage. I also had my final January exam and the weather was of course…miserable! However, despite all of this it has actually been my most enjoyable week of marathon training yet! Not only I am really pleased to have hit a new weekly mileage PB, but I have had company on almost all of my runs this week, something that helped get me through the miles! I officially joined the Plymouth Harriers too, who spurred me on at a good pace for 6 hilly miles.

All kitted out for my night time club runs! Reckon people will spot me?

38 miles were on the plan, and I managed 37. Sure, I could have gone for that last mile run today, but my legs are sore and it’s speed again tomorrow morning, so I am listening to my body and doing some yoga instead. I have managed 15+ miles of walking this week alongside the 37 of running, so in my head I have justified not doing that extra mile! I did switch the original plan around a bit this week, as my club run was longer than expected and another run shorter than expected, but the miles all added up to roughly the same. Here was this week’s schedule:

Monday: 1 mile WU - 10 x 0.2 miles at goal 10k pace with 0.2 miles recovery – 1 mile CD
Tuesday: Rest and stretch day. Yoga/core
Wednesday: 2 mile WU – 6 miles tempo – 1 mile CD
Thursday: Easy 5 miles – LS/Flex
Friday: Easy 7 miles – LS/Flex
Saturday: Long 10 miles – LS/Flex
Sunday:  Yoga

I have also been doing a lot of foam rolling this week, and have booked in to have a sports massage next week as my muscles in my calves and quads are feeling very tight!

All in all, I have a really great week of training. I am very grateful to those who joined me on some of the runs and I am glad I took the plunge to go back to the Harriers. It makes such a difference running with others! Sometimes, running alone is great too and I love that, but marathon training can get a bit monotonous, so if you have people willing to run or cycle alongside you, it really helps!

Megan and I went for a celebratory 7 mile run post exam!

I know of a few other runners who have not had the best weeks of training, some are even injured and have had to put some miles on hold and so I have put my all into my miles for them! We must run grateful, because every mile is a gift…I know these runners will come back stronger and even more determined though!

Marathon training is not glamorous, but it is a process of hard work, dedication and strength. I’m sure I have some tough weeks ahead of me and I will have to take those in my stride and accept it. But I am going to enjoy and embrace the fact it has been a successful week this week!


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