Sunday, 21 January 2018


So…my legs are finally starting to feel it. In a good way though, they feel tired…yet strong. I know that I can wake up tomorrow and achieve my speed session that’s on the plan, even though it will be my 6th day in a row of training…I don’t think I have ever done more than 4 without a days rest! When you enjoy something so much, you don’t really have to think twice about making it part of your daily routine. You just make it work, you squeeze it in where you can because you want to. That isn’t to say that it is always easy…this week was challenging with the weather, uni work and other things I committed myself to. However, I knew if I couldn’t hit my target of 28 miles….how am I ever going to be able to commit to my 50 + mile weeks, so I ran in the wind, cold, rain, at 6.30AM, 7PM…just whatever hours I had free I made sure to be running. I had no official speed sessions on my plan for this week, however like with previous weeks, I incorporated a few faster runs and even got myself a new mile PB. Speed sessions on the plan start tomorrow! Anyway, week 4 for those interested was 21 miles and just really similar to week 3. My week 5 schedule I completed this week was as follows:

Monday: Easy 5 miles (I did 3.5 due to bad weather) and Body Weight Movement strength exercises
Wednesday: DWU1 - Easy 4 miles (I did 5.5 to make up for Monday) – LS/Flex
Thursday: 5 miles negative splits - LS
Friday: 4 miles negative splits – LS/Flex
Saturday: DWU1 - Easy 6 miles - LS
Sunday: Easy 4 miles – LS/Flex

Dom helped me get a new 5k PB and a new mile PB! 
Sundays miles were by far the toughest. My thighs felt like they do at 10 miles into a half marathon, heavy and tight, and at 1.5 miles I thought I was going to have to call it a day. Marathon training isn’t just about getting your body fitter and stronger to run 26.2 miles, it is also about training the mind. Learning how to push through, teaching your mind to be strong and telling yourself that you ARE capable and CAN get to the finish. I am by no means there yet, I have a long way to go physically and mentally, but that 4 mile run today was a test of the mind, not my legs, and I am sure there are going to be MANY more runs just like it. I made it though, 28 miles for the week and feeling good. Next week is quite a big step up and will be my highest mileage ever…so wish me luck! (I need the luck more for a biochemistry exam than the miles though!)

Rain runs are actually pretty therapeutic! 

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