Sunday, 7 January 2018


Happy New Year everyone! Here is my update for week 2 and 3 of my marathon training using the Hansons Marathon Method! I will also post my running new years resolutions soon! Missed my week 1 update? You can read that here!

Week 2

3 easy miles with A Team - Murphy and Dom

15 miles on the schedule…all easy paced again….but only 11 got completed. I had 4 planned for my birthday, but plans got in the way, I then tried to make up for it on rest day Sunday but I had an essay due in and well….priorities! Felt bad about it at the time but I have had a strong third week so I am over it now! Week 2 was pretty easy again, I just really need to remember to do my DWUs! (Dynamic warm ups).

Here was my schedule:

Monday: Easy 2 miles
Wednesday: DWU1 – Easy 3 miles – LS/Flex
Thursday: DWU1 – Easy 3 miles – LS
Friday: DWU1 – Easy 3 miles – LS/Flex
Saturday: DWU1 – Easy 4 miles – LS/Flex (DID NOT COMPLETE)

Week 3

Beach runs - my fave!

I was determined this week to stick to the plan and just make it a part of my routine! I am learning to find the balance between my studies and my running. I had 21 miles on the plan, and completed all of them. They were all supposed to be easy paced again, however I ran about 13 of them with Dom who is generally faster and so ended up finding my faster pace and did about 17 of them at a faster pace than I should have. I am now starting to understand why it says ‘easy’ on the plan, because you don’t want to tire your legs out too much before the weekend long run. My legs felt dead Saturday morning, and the 5 miles on the plan started off tough but again…I found my faster pace and ran the last 3 miles a little faster than ‘easy’. I guess I was just feeling strong and sometimes it feels good to know you can still go that little bit quicker! I don’t want to wreck my training though so will try and stick to the said plans paces next week! Speed sessions start in 2 weeks so those can be my bit of fun!

Here is week 3:

Monday: Easy 4 miles
Wednesday: DWU1 – Easy 4 miles – LS/Flex
Thursday: Easy 4 miles – LS
Friday: Easy 4 miles – LS/Flex – Pilates class
Saturday: Easy 5 miles – LS/Flex  

The pilates class I went to on Friday was great after 4 tough miles! It really helped stretch me out and focused on some core strengthening….something that has been neglected the past couple of weeks! Things I have learnt the last 2 weeks are to start my yoga and strengthening again, foam roll when I can and WARM UP!! Really need to get in this habit….but overall, legs are feeling okay so far.

The Twelve Day Marathon is over now! My mileage just about added up for me to complete it in time and the response from everyone who took part has been fantastic….so thank you to all of you!

Our medals turned out pretty shiny!

Week 4 is another 21 miles…then week 5 and 6 is where the challenge really begins! Who else is training for London or a spring marathon? Would love to hear how others training is going!


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