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So I know I have been absent on the blogging recently. Everything with our Twelve Day Marathon challenge and all my University work has of course had to take priority and my blog seemed like the most sensible thing to step back from for a while. However, I am going to try and make an effort to be back weekly with my marathon training progress!

*side note, I just want to thank everyone who is taking part in the Twelve Day Marathon! We now have 300 participants, when originally the plan was 42 and anymore a bonus, so I am completely overwhelmed but so happy as we have raised an amazing amount for charity. Also thank you to my boyfriend Dom, because he has been amazing at helping out with the website and administration side of things! You are all stars!

Back to this blog post…As some of you may or may not know, I am going to be running not one, but two of the world major marathons in 2018! I will be at London in April and Berlin in September and I am so so so excited! Dom also got into Berlin which makes that one even more exciting!

Now, London will be my first marathon. The furthest I have ever run is 15 miles, however I felt like I could have kept going and that’s when I thought…I will be okay, I can do it. However after my last half marathon, I thought to myself “how on earth can ANYONE do double this!” So I am hoping to work on my mental toughness just as much as my physical strength!

What training plan am I using? Well I did A LOT of research into this. Just as with anything, I don’t believe there is a one size fits all training plan. I have always taken a few different training plans, and mixed and matched to make them suitable for me and my style. Some people only like to run 3 days a week, as are prone to injury. I am the opposite, I need to run more than 3 times a week, otherwise I just can’t get in the rhythm of running and struggle to see improvements. I also just love to run…so I normally combine a lot of running with a little strength and x-training. My aim is to try and incorporate some more strength and x-training this time though where I can.

Winter training has meant investing in gloves and high vis gear!

Anyway, after research and talking to a lot of you guys, I decided on the Hansons Marathon Method. I know that there a lot of people that haven’t used this for their first marathon training cycle before, so I thought I would (try) and do weekly posts for you guys with how it is going! It is an 18 week plan, so I officially start on Monday! I understand that some people think it is too much running or the long run isn’t long enough… I have really done a lot of research and background reading into this and am happy with my decision of following this program. I of course don’t want to become injured, so am taking a sensible approach, and from all the amazing, positive responses I had from people when asking them about this plan…I decided I have nothing to lose! London will be my first marathon, I have no PB to chase….sure I have a time in mind, but at the end of the day, it is about finishing that race, trying to avoid that wall and coming out injury free (because I will have Berlin to train for after!)

Let me quickly give you a brief overview of the Hansons Method:
  • ·         The program focuses on cumulative fatigue. Basically when you run long the program is trying to simulate the last 16 miles of the marathon, rather than the first 20.
  • ·         There are a lot of easy paced runs. The Hansons don’t believe that easy miles are “junk miles”. In fact, they believe these runs to be some of the most vital ones, as these runs build up that cumulative fatigue, getting your legs used to mileage. However, these runs HAVE to be run easy, they say 1-2 minutes slower than goal pace. This is something I seriously need to work on.
  • ·         Weekly mileage becomes high, but instead of 50% of that mileage just being form your long run, it is split up throughout the week.
  • ·         The first half of the beginners program consists of speed workouts, which become strength workouts in the second half.
  • ·         Throughout the schedule, you will run tempo runs at goal pace, ranging from 5-10 miles.

There is SO much more to the program, and if you aren’t bored of reading this already then me going on most certainly will. I will explain bits and pieces of it as I go through training. However, if you are interested, I really recommend getting the book! Dom got me mine as an early Christmas gift, and I read it in about 3 hits and keep going back to it. They explain their methods, the whys, they have 3 training options inside from “Just Finish” to “Beginner” and “Advanced.” They also have dynamic warm ups, cool downs, stretches and information on nutrition and race day tips etc. I am not saying this is an amazing training plan, because I haven’t done it yet, I might be writing in 18 weeks time about how this plan was not a good fit for me, or I could be saying it was great! Watch this space…


Here's hoping outside running doesn't become too uncomfortable! 

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