Saturday, 23 December 2017


Well I think it is safe to say, this is the easiest week on the plan. Just 11 miles logged for the whole week (supposed to be 10), which is lower than what I’m used to but it also felt good to get back into training again as I had 10 days where I didn’t run at all. This is what my schedule this week looked like:

Wednesday: DWU1 – Easy 3 miles (I did 4 due to bad route planning) – LS/Flex
Friday: Easy 3 miles - LS
Saturday: DWU1 – Easy 4 miles – LS
Sunday: Flex

You are probably wondering what all the random letters stand for. DWU is dynamic warm-up, the book provides you with 2 different warm-ups aiming to open up the hips, relax the body and just generally get you warmed up and prepared for your run. I tend to forget to do this so really trying to get in the habit! LS is light static stretch, which takes about 10-15 minutes post-run and again, the book provides you with stretches if you are unsure. Flex stands for flexibility. These are slightly deeper stretches, aiming to improve your flexibility. I tend to do mine as part of my usual yoga practice.

Where it says "easy", this means easy they recommend this is 1-2 minutes slower than goal pace. I really struggle to do this, as am just used to running my goal pace at shorter distances as an 'easy' pace...but obviously for 26.2 is not an easy pace. Therefore I am having to work on this, as they say these easy miles are some of the most crucial, and if you run them too hard, then you could end up sacrificing the rest of your schedule. 

I didn’t do any extra strength training or weight work this week, as it’s my first week arriving at home and things have been a little hectic and I have also been trying to concentrate on some university work. Next week’s mileage is 15 but the longest run still just 4, but I’m sure with all the Christmas dinners etc my body won’t want to run further than 4 anyway! I can’t report on much else, as it was low mileage and just the first week. I’m excited to up the mileage, but in 5 weeks time I may feel differently!

Merry Christmas, and good luck for the Twelve Day Marathon challenge if you’re taking part! My miles on my plan add up to the same distance so I will be partaking too of course 😊


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