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On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a big shiny medal for completing the 12 Days of Christmas Marathon!

Have you always wished you could earn a Marathon Medal but perhaps have found yourself injured, or you haven't had the time to train, or you just haven't believed you could in fact complete one? Well this marathon is accessible to almost's completely chilled...yet still motivates you to keep putting on those trainers over the festive period! 


It’s a virtual challenge…so you complete the miles anywhere you wish…and you still get an awesome marathon medal at the end! It will be in aid of Variety – The Children’s Charity, so money raised is going to a fantastic cause! They help children who are sick, disadvantaged or disabled, you can read more about their work here.  


For those more 'experienced' runners reading this, you may be thinking that 26.2 miles over 12 days isn't a huge challenge...well I want this marathon to be accessible to all! This distance is still a challenge...however you choose to tackle it...perhaps if you are an experienced can complete it in one go...that's the beauty, you choose how you complete the distance. The aim is to make it accessible to all. When I tell people I will be running the London Marathon (remember, I never used to run) people say to me "wow, I could never do that", or "I wish I could have the guts to do a marathon" or "a marathon is something on my bucket list"...well now is your chance to get your marathon bragging rights and say you have tackled 26.2 miles. 

I also believe in keeping active, and know first hand how sometimes over the party and festive period we need that extra bit of motivation. Well...this is it! Keep active over the 12 days and you get an awesome marathon would have helped a fantastic cause and maybe would have found a new/fun way to keep active (no new years resolution needed! You will already be involved!)


Well…over the 12 days of Christmas, you will be taking on the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. You can choose how you wish to split this up, you can run a little over 2 miles each day, or you can run more on some and less on others. The choice is just need to complete the distance within the 12 days! This marathon also takes on walkers/joggers/'s just about keeping active! The miles also don’t have to be completed outside, treadmills are welcome! Once the challenge is over, I will post out your bespoke medal…design yet to be decided but it will be a gooden!


This is where some of you may thinking pfffftt! This challenge begins Christmas day….the first day of Christmas is Christmas Day, so enjoy a 1 or 2 or 6 (you choose!) mile Christmas jog/run/skip/gallop...or don't! You don't have to run on every day of the 12 if you do not wish, you just need to complete that 26.2 between December 25th and January choose how! I know not everyone will want to participate over this festive time, but it’s a great way to keep motivated…and for a great cause! 


Keep an eye out! I will create a webpage where you will be able to sign up to the challenge. The price will include your medal and postage and funds raised will go to Variety. You will have to be at least 18 years old to participate and you will need to be capable of walking/jogging/running and well… completing the distance….all terms and conditions will be on the webpage once it’s finished.
I am hoping to team up with some exciting brands too, so there will hopefully be some prizes and goodies!

Watch this space if you’re interested…


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