Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Bearing legs in Hong Kong...because humidity...and because I wanted to!


So you want to know how to achieve a runners body? Well I have 2 really simple steps you can do in order to get one!

1. Put on some comfortable running clothing and trainers

2.  Go outside, or to the gym treadmill, and RUN!

TAH-DAH! You now have a runners body, congratulations!

I have met so many people who tell me they can’t run because they weren’t born with a ‘runners body’ (guilty! This used to be my excuse too). But…what even is a ‘runners body’? Sure, there are some people with bodies built extremely well for running, with the right anatomical make-up (think Paula Radcliffe and Mo Farah), however these people still have to work incredibly hard to be able to run how they do. I even know people who you may look at and think they have an ideal ‘runners body’, yet they have never even run before. During my first half-marathon, I remember looking around at all the diverse body types and thinking “they’re gonna be super quick” to those who you may say have a ‘runners body’. Yet, I actually overtook some of those with ‘runners bodies’, and some people with non runners bodies’ overtook me. At the end of the day, all of these people are runners with runners bodies and have to be pretty darn fit to be able to run that far!

I don’t have your stereotypical runners body, yet I can still run half-marathons (soon to be marathons 😉) and I have now come to realize that I do in fact, have a runners body, right down to my wobbly bits.

Wobbly beach runs with newfound pals!

If you have always wished you could run but your body shape or weight has put you off, stop it now and get running! YOU HAVE A RUNNERS BODY, so use it! Sure, you may have to start off slow and ease into it, build up you distance and pace gradually to avoid injury. Your legs will become strong, and if weight loss is your goal then you will probably lose some along the journey. I know people who say they will start running once they have got to their goal weight, don’t wait! I understand it takes a lot of effort to get yourself out there and run, there is no hiding, I usually resemble a sweaty water buffalo when I’m plodding along the roads…but I promise when you do, no one around actually cares and it is such a freeing, liberating feeling once you’re out there!  I feel so blessed that I have a body I can run with, as unfortunately there are some people who cannot run due to disability or illness. Run for them! Don’t let your runners body go to waste, unleash it!


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